I signed up for a FREE membership, does this mean I’m subscribing for the year?

No. As a FREE Member you’re basically creating an account on Tinsel Tokyo to manage any FREE Issues you may get, or any individual issues you may wish to purchase. Any time you purchase or get an issue for free it will live in your private members area, for you to access any time. All you have to do is Log In from a computer or your mobile device, and your issues will be available to you.

What is the difference between a FREE Membership and a PAID Membership?

A FREE Membership can buy individual issues a-la-carte or access free issues when available. A PAID Membership can access everything, any time, for the life of their membership. PAID Members will always get the latest issues, automatically.

I’m a Contributor, how long does it take to get a response once I submit?

Depending on the timing, you may get a response right away, or it can take several business days. Our inbox is regularly flooded with submissions and requests, so be patient! If you don’t hear from us for an abnormally long period of time, just check in with another email, we won’t bite.

Why is the Print Issue so expensive?

Currently we are mainly a digitally distributed magazine, however our goal is for full national, and then international print distribution. At the moment we provide print issues on a “one off” basis, because we feel having a tangible magazine is so important to the creative experience. The cost of the issue is based entirely off of the cost of printing. Currently our quarterly issues tend to be quite large, therefor the printing costs are quite high. This has been one of the main reasons for our decision to GO MONTHLY! By going monthly, we can produce smaller issues, more regularly, and drive the print cost down.

So you’re going monthly?

YES! We’ve decided to take the leap and release an issue EVERY MONTH! This means more content for our readers, and and ability for us to feature even more great talent.

When will issues be released?

Every month on the 11th.