Five L.A. bars you should know about

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Villains Tavern

1356 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
by Imran “Slim” H.


After a few trips over the years I can’t get enough of the music and boos. If your into rowdy folklorish music, a tent that has a Barnum and Bailey feel, and drinks named after porn stars the

Drinks here are legit. Definitely going to cost you at least 11 bones for a mixed concoction. Worth it. Just like a lot of the hip places you’ll drink at nowadays they add the old school feel along with some solid character when gearing up your bev. Nice set of beers on tap. Wolf IPA is fire.n this might be the place for you.

Once your bevved up you have the choice of sitting down (if you can grab a spot) to watch dudes with banjos tear it up or whatever band they may have that night. Or you could challenge your bud/babe to that game where you slide one object to the other side…blah blah blah forgot the name of it.
Recommend if you don’t like the rush to come in on a week night.

The One Eyed Gypsy

901 East 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
by Tamara T.
Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Thrillist

My boyfriend and I love it here! We haven’t tried the food, but when we come we get the boilermaker. You get to choose from a list of beers and liquors for a beer and shot combo for about 10$. It’s a really good deal being that we are in LA and a glass of beer/wine can be 30+ dollars in some places. The ambiance is beautiful, I wish I could live in something that looked like the one eyed gypsy. And there’s live music! If your not into the whole washboard-playing folk music scene though don’t worry, there’s a DJ that comes in later on to play more danceable stuff. Did I mention free skee ball and a photo booth? Can’t wait to come back here.

No Vacancy

1727 North Hudson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028
by Lana D.
Photos by Frank Ishman Cigar Aficionado

Photo Credit: Frank Ishman Cigar Aficionado

This place is phenomenal! I thoroughly enjoyed my evening here. No Vacancy is located in a Victorian home (said to be one of the oldest houses in Hollywood). I love speakeasy joints, and this place takes the cake without a doubt. The decor and architecture just draw you in. I also have to say you kind of feel like your attending a party at someone’s home-you end up talking and meeting a lot of different people due to the intimate spacing. The Houston brothers have some exquisite taste! For those of who who don’t know, they are also the owners of Pour Vous, La Descarga, Harvard and Stone and Piano Bar. While Pour Vous takes you to Paris, and La Descarga provides the Cuban life, this place takes it back to good old Hollywood.

Entertainment and Highlights:
You will never forget the way you entered..THIS I GUARANTEE YOU!
The band and show were amazing, and just brought that much more to the ambiance of it all. The shows which include burlesque, fire spitting and tightrope walk are on Friday and Saturday. You never know which act is going to perform. My sister had gone on Friday and had a performer that performed more of a Dita von tess- strip tease kind of number. I went on Saturday where the beautiful Serenity will seriously blow you away with her fire tricks. Posted photos for those of you who want to take a look.Speaking of photos, there is a photo booth located in the telephone booth. Come now! Really? Who doesn’t love a photo booth?

Cocktails and Food:
Cocktails-I enjoy cocktails and I always get a kick out of the names…The Professor was way strong while China Doll (has egg white) was super sweet. Both were good. The bartenders put a lot of love making those drinks.
Food-In regards to food, this was located on the bottom floor to the side in the corner). This little section was awkward for me. I think this is the only thing for me that felt like it didn’t belong there or go with everything else. My friends bought a killer grilled cheese sandwich and a hamburger (comes with chips) and said it was really good.

Piano Bar

6429 Selma Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028
by Marisa “Rizariz” Z
Photo Credit: Los Angeles Single

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Single

What a cool place for a few drinks on a lazy Sunday. A group of us popped in last weekend and stumbled upon happy hour! After ordering a round of drinks we made our way to the patio, heads up, smoking is allowed, so if you aren’t a fan stay inside.

The bartenders were awesome, friendly, fast and remembered my beverage of choice! The drinks were strong and hit the spot as well as super affordable, considering location.

After a few drinks we noticed a band was setting up, I asked the bartender what was happening and he told me they have live music every night. Not just piano fronted bands but more contemporary bands as well, must be easy to find talent being so close to the musicians institute. ;)

I had read on curbed some time ago that Hollywood isn’t striving like it use to, I beg to differ. Every time I find myself down here it feels like I’m battling a million others for parking, reservations, etc.

With a place like piano bar in the mix, people should take the time to divert themselves from the trendy walk down Hollywood and find places like this. Places that embody that old school Hollywood music scene this city was built upon.

Aside from the awesome live music, small dance floor, happy hour specials and a patio, this spot also offers free BBQ. I didn’t try any of the fare, but those who did that I spoke to said it was enjoyable. There is plenty of metered and lot parking in the area, but I recommend the metro especially if you plan on drinking.

The Brig

1515 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291
by Sean S
Photo Credit Los Angeles From An Iphone

Photo Credit: Los Angeles From An Iphone

DJ spinning 2 Chains, Biggie and Jackson 5? Yeah, that’s my kinda spot.

Went here on a Friday night and the place was on and crackin. The bartender was borderline rude but the drinks were moderately priced so whatever. The crowd is “Venice Beach Hippsterish”. As my friend so eloquently described it “these look like hipsters who shop at Barneys Co-Op who have no idea how to dance to the music, but are because it’s not as popular in this part of town.” Well said. Oh and they have pool tables too.

In short if you’re looking for a trendy spot on Abbott Kinney that plays hip hop, has a good looking crowd and no cover, then I suggest you swing by.

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