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Important Rules if you are going to Submit

Submissions must be exclusive, and previously unpublished.

If your Submission is chosen please send the following
in a Single Zip File :
1) Full resolution images
2) Team credits
3) Clothing credits [if available]
4) Clothing credit contact sheet for reference

Mechanical Specs

Please do not Stretch or Warp your Photos to fit the correct dimensions.
Please Crop Only. If you prefer, we can crop them for you.

Double Page Spread Dimensions are :
HEIGHT: 11 Inches x WIDTH: 17 Inches @ 300dpi

Single Page Dimensions are :
HEIGHT: 11 Inches x WIDTH: 8.5 Inches @ 300dpi

Color Mode :

If you are submitting Editorials with Titles and Credits Added;
Please include Titles and Credits on a separate Layer so that we can make edits if necessary.
(E.g. Layered Tiff or PSD)


Steve Diet Goedde – Issue v10

2016 Issue Release Themes

When Submitting be sure to let us know which Issue you are targeting:

SPRING / Sex Sells / Laws of Attraction

Issue v38 – Closed
Issue v39 – Closed
Issue v40 – Closed

SUMMER / Transformation / Metamorphosis

Issue v41 – Closed
Issue v42 – Closed
Issue v43 – Closed

FALL / Brave New World

Issue v44 – Closed
Issue v45 – Closed
Issue v46 – Closed

WINTER / Snow Crash / Cyber Punk / Hackers

Issue v47 – Closed
Issue v48 – Closed

2017 Issue Release Themes

Issue v49 – Closed

SPRING / Freedom

Issue v50 – Closed
Issue v51 – Closed
Issue v52 – Closed

SUMMER / Beauty

Issue v53 – Closed
Issue v54 – Closed
Issue v55 – Closed

FALL / Structure

Issue v56 – Closed
Issue v57 – Open
Issue v58 – Open


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