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At Tinsel Tokyo we are about connecting people.
We’re about connecting that talented photographer with a great stylist, we’re about connecting that amazing stylist with a new and upcoming model, we’re about connecting a breakout designer with all of the above.
At Tinsel Tokyo we fill in the blanks so creatives can work together, and be in good company.

When people connect, magic happens. We believe in magic. Creativity is something to be stimulated, groped, and brought to a climax, over and over again.. kind of like Tantra. Creativity is our Mantra.

We are that sharp angle, cutting through the crowd. That flash of light, sizzling the senses. That POP in the night, a crime scene of color and concept. Each issue is a unique and evocative visual journey, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Seth Dobie // Editor in Chief

Powerful, aspirational, & hugely influential, Tinsel Tokyo identifies fashion with stunning visuals, sophisticated features, and timeless portfolios of the worlds most talented and innovative creative pioneers.

Based in Los Angeles, Tinsel Tokyo pairs a unique LA Perspective with a global audience, effectively connecting the dots from Tinsel Town to Tokyo and back again.